How Jealousy Can Save Your Marriage

ninja techniques to make you man jealousIntroduction – Work on your man

Stagnant relationships are likely to be boring. It can even cause the whole foundation of your relationship to fall down. In order to overcome this problem, you are really required to spice up the relationship sometimes. Playing things up a little bit is likely to help in this matter if you really want to keep the fire burning. For this, you should try to do something in order to make your guy jealous. It is important to know how to make him jealous.

By doing so, you will easily be able to test the limits of your relationships. You need to remember that playing with the jealousy is considered as a sneaky tactic to use in your relationship. For this reason, it can be a very powerful weapon to spice up as well gives more weight to your relationship in different ways.

Make him jealous in some cunning ways

There are many ways to make a guy jealous. You are supposed to go for the right and appropriate ways to do it. Though every girl knows how to make a guy jealous, but still it is important to know about this in details before you go for it. Here some of the ways are described below.

  • Get out of your shell

You are supposed to do various things for yourself and thus get busy. You should be unavailable to your partner and thus spend time outside your relationship. As a result, your guy will surely start missing you and will feel jealous. He would be anxious about those things that you do without him. Your guy would surely be jealous of your ‘my’ time and thus will work hard to get that quality time back again. He will start feeling competitive over your things and hobbies.

  • Get out of reach

You are not supposed to answer his calls every time that you used to do before. Do not take his calls and return to him after a couple of hours or so. Then in case, he asks you that why you did not attend his call, tell him you were busy. Thus he will start imagining that what you were doing at that time. Your guy would surely feel jealous.

  • Hang out with your guy friends

You are required to hang out with your close guy friends. This trick is regarded as the best weapon to make him jealous. By simply hanging out with your guy friends or talking with them you can make your goy feel jealous like hell.

Talk dirty with your guy

If you really want to talk dirty with your guy then you are required to follow some simple steps. You are just required to play with his mind in order to get dirty with him. It is considered as very easy to make a guy dirty. Guys are always ready to get dirty mind. Here are some simple steps on how to talk dirty to your beef over text.

  • Know about his trigger lines

You are required to know which words are likely to work for you man. For instance, if you know that the word ‘wet’ is likely to work best to turn him on then you have to use that work. Using proper words, considered as one of the key factors to arouse a man. For this reason, you are supposed to carefully select the words.

  • Let him know that how aroused you are

If you are really interested to talk dirty to your man then you are required to make him know about your arousal. Thus, you can increase the anticipation. Guys are easily likely to get in the trap if the girl shows a slight signal. So you have to take the initiative cunningly to do this thing.

  • Flirt with your guy over and over

 Most of the men are very fond of flirting. If you flirt with him in a dirty way, then you can easily get him dirty. You should tell him that you love his hair color, lips, or biceps and thus you can get him easily. Many girls are likely to look for the dirty text messages to send to a guy. Flirting with a guy is regarded as one of the best ways to make a guy feel horny. At the time of flirting with him if he flirts back then you can be sure that the trick is working perfectly.

  • Take it easy

In case, you feel awkward or embarrass to talk dirty to your boyfriend, then you should keep one thing in your mind that you are not supposed to be serious about it. It is important for you to take it easy. You should not be frightened about it since he is your boyfriend and you are not committing any crime. It is likely to happen in a healthy relationship and there is nothing wrong with it.

Playing dirty with your partner will surely increase the closeness between you than even before. Apart from this, you will surely be more frank to each other. On the other hand, playing dirty with your guy help you decrease the bedroom stage fright as well.


It is up to you that how you play dirty with your boyfriend or how much you make him jealous. If you follow the above described steps properly, then you will easily be able to make your guy feel jealous in a perfect way. On the other hand, you are also allowed to play dirty in a perfect way by simply following the above described steps.

It is for sure that if you follow the steps properly, then you will surely be greatly benefitted in many ways. For more information about this, you are supposed to collect the required information on the internet. You are just required to implement all these things to your boyfriend carefully and depending on the situation. You just have to understand the mood of your boyfriend.

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How To Transform A Nightmare Relationship Into A Pleasant Life

Are you satisfied with only one girl All about monogamous relationship

You might find yourself to be in a monogamous relationship and you start to feel insecure or doubtful. You start getting the message that the relationship is not working perfectly right now. This scares a lot of people and some of those people even get lazy pretty soon.


When you get scared of any relationship, rather than to roll up your sleeves and start to work things out, you might take the easy way around. The easier method is running away from your problems and just avoiding the feelings. But running has never helped any person in the world, it will only bring you to end up in a very similar mess almost each time you run.

Other people who are frustrated with their relationships, will just bury their heads deep in the sand and hope for the storm to pass by. Usually it has been seen a lot of the times that, maybe it is the relationship that will start to disappear instead.

Decide what to do

Here’s the basic facts about what you could do in such situations. You might feel kind of crazy as well when you will start to think about all the relationship problems which you have. That usually means you are being polite about all the people who are all around you. You regularly should keep on saying please and also thank you to your loved ones. This will make your loved ones feel very special.


You should know it for a fact that doing the little and insignificant things can hugely make a difference upon your relationship. There can be various ways on how to fix a broken relationship after cheating. These various steps include things such as dressing up nicely in your home, and not just at your workplace. This also includes small gestures such as holding the doors open for your lover and also making eye contact all the time.

Apologize and avoid screaming

For a lot of people apologizing is a very hard task to do. You should realize that apologizing is incredibly important in any relationship. All the grievances, does not matter whether imagined or not should never remain unresolved. There are a lot of things which may easily get into the way of making your relationship smoother. So you should learn to say sorry.

Often, it has been seen that people scream at each other all the time. Screaming is a very bad way of solving problems. You might get so caught up in the process of justifying our own actions and proving other people wrong, that you will do anything to prove your point. Repeating something again and again and louder every time will only make you look like a lunatic. There are various online methods which will teach you how to change husband’s heart even if love is lacking in your relationship.

It is considered highly unlikely and almost impossible that only one lover or partner can be entirely blamed for the reason of the break-up of any relationship as well.  You should always know that you will need to take the respectable time, which will be required to determine all the various areas where you will learn that each one of you has nearly messed up your own relationship. The only aim of doing all this is just to avoid the process of pointing fingers at each other. You also need to accept all the various faults and should always be totally ready to just move on.

Learn to forgive

You should always learn to forgive your partner or your loved ones wholeheartedly. This will also teach you to a lot about how to stop your man from looking at other woman. From a girl’s point of view the attention of her man is the most important thing ever. Yet you should know that there is really no specific point in the process of forgiving the mistakes which has been already committed.

Recall the former passion

Another very important step which will be very important for the process of fixing the broken relationship is to gracefully recall the various reasons of passion which used to ignite the relationship all the time. While it’s a fact that there are relationships which are not just about being physically with your loved ones.

A lot of serious mistakes have been found that a lot of the partners who are in a relationship will now tend to do a lot of things to save their relationship. There is a fact that turning sex into a kind of weapon to save relationships is not always good.

Be strong

Yes, it is true that breakup is very hard, and it has affected a lot of people. Yes, it’s true that the love of your life might hurt you. You might feel that one minute the girl or the guy who breaks with your mill your heart in the next moment. But if see that you are still trying very hard to be together in a relationship, then you need to work very hard.

Girl’s point of view

If you are ensuring about the fact that your lover can no longer assume your feelings than you need to get used to being alone. If you see that your loved ones start to make any kind of little confessions which will be signalling about how that specific person feels, then you should go ahead and start to reciprocate.

If you see that your lover doesn’t love you, then you will always have to say something to counter it. Before you break up, you need to make sure for a fact that you have already given your precious relationship a lot of time to develop. You also need to ensure it for a fact that you are not quickly rushing in the relationship.

If you see that the person in your relationship is not yet ready for any kind of commitment, then you will need to gather all your strength. All this strength will be required by all of you to move on from the relationship. You should know that you will realize a lot of things about break ups from this kind of break ups.

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